AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier


If you have any questions regarding this tournament, please contact Andy Reitinger.

Wave Info

18 Open – AM Wave
18 USA – PM Wave
18 American – AM/PM waves


AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier will be using Advanced Event Systems for its registration process. AES will be the website that is the choice of USA JNC Girls Championship, many other qualifiers (including AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier ) and regional tournaments around the nation for registering teams.

  1. Go to Advanced Event Systems to register your team and club.
  2. Click on Add Club if you are a new user. If you already have a password and username, skip to step 4. If not, fill out the club info and hit the submit button.
  3. Next, fill out the Club Director info, creating a username and password and making sure to keep your username and password in an accessible spot for future use.
  4. Enter your username and password and login.
  5. Click on Staff, then “Add New Staff.” Enter the information, and hit the submit button.
  6. Click on Players, then “Add New Players.” Enter the information, and hit the submit button. Repeat for all players.
  7. Click on Teams from the list on the left.
  8. Click on Add New Teams, enter info, and submit information.
  9. Click on your new team, and then on “Add/Update Staff.” Click on “Add New Staff” and choose from the pull-down list the available names and hit submit.
  10. Go back to “Teams,” click on the selected team, and then on “Add/Update Team Players.” Choose from the pull-down list of available names and hit submit. Continue until all team players are added.
  11. Click on “Enter Events.” Hit the “Register” button for AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier that you want to play.
  12. Select the division from the pull-down list that you wish to enter your team and click on “Register Teams.”
  13. Make sure you update your results under the results section!
  14. Contact AES Housing at 1-800-476-0060 x18 for rooms to ensure that you meet the Stay to Play requirement of 12 room nights per team.
  15. AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier staff will send out emails to inform you of other information and steps as they come available.

Hotel Information

This tournament is using the following hotels in cooperation with our Stay and Play policy: Click here to sign-in to AES and view the hotel options

College Coaches Attending 


Basic Info

Within the AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier there (3) different tournaments. These tournaments are the following divisions: 18 Open, 18 USA, and 18 American

Tournaments Offered


Entry Fees

  • All 18 Open Teams: $595
  • All 18 USA Teams: $595
  • All 18 American Teams: $595

NOTE – A cash deposit is no longer necessary to enter Open tournaments at Qualifiers. In the case of an open team obtaining a bid to the JNC but does not use the bid, the team’s club, director, and coach(es) will not be allowed participation in any Qualifier for the 2017 season.

Entry Deadline

Entries for the AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier must be received by 5 pm EST on January 7th, 2018. A LATE FEE OF $50.00 AFTER DEADLINE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE ENTRY DEADLINE.

Team Selection, Bid Refusal & Notification

Immediately after the deadline, all teams will be notified of their acceptance to the event. It is strongly advised that each team submit any and all results to date, by the entry deadline. Teams with results on file are considered first. The following criteria will be used by the Competition Committee of the Youth & Junior Division of USA Volleyball to determine the field:


  • Date that the completed entry application is received by the Qualifier. This includes being registered on AES, payment being received by Summit Tournaments, and the housing requirement being fulfilled on AES (This INCLUDES having individual rooms picked up within the block and attributed to appropriate teams).

Teams are cautioned about making non-refundable travel plans prior to the acceptance date. Teams are, however, encouraged to make housing plans early.

Competition Format / Coaches Meeting

All teams should be prepared to play at 8 am local time on Friday, January 26th. Actual start times will be communicated after the entry deadline. All competition is projected to be completed by 4:00 PM on the final day. Team check in will run from 5:00-8:00 PM local time Thursday, January 25th before the tournament. Sites of meetings will be at the Convention Center. All formats and seeding will be as designated by the YJND Competition Committee.

There will be no coaches meeting, during check-in must you provide a signed roster, Thursday night 5-8, or prior to your first match. No bracelets.


Up referees will be supplied for all matches. Teams will be required to supply down referees, line judges, and scorekeepers.

Coaches Certification

As in the case with the Junior National Championships, everyone listed on a roster as a coach is required to be IMPACT level certified. To obtain information on becoming IMPACT certified, contact the junior rep of your region.


This year AVC Dallas 18’s National Qualifier will be charging an entry fee for all non-players and non-coaches. Tickets can be bought Thursday – Sunday at the rate of $15 Tournament Pass.

We will start selling bracelets on Thursday from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Admission will then again be open at 7:00 am on Friday. “Lost” bracelets will not be replaced. We will replace damaged bracelets if needed. There will be security guards at the entrance and each hall, and you will need to have the bracelet on your wrist to enter.

Championship Manuals

USAV Championship Manuals are available below: