Summit Fundraising & Sponsorship Programs

History of Summit

• Established in 1993
• Opened Summit Sports Center in Dallas in 2000 and moved to Plano in 2004
• Opened Volleyball Institute of Plano in 2004

Summit was established in 1993. It was created to be an elite volleyball club that would not only teach young athletes the intricacies of volleyball but also teach life skills. The life skills include leadership, dedication, and hard work.

Elite sports are expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this valuable program. Funds donated to this program will enable us to distribute the necessary funds to athletes who may not otherwise be able to participate.

Club Sports of North Texas, Inc., dba Summit Volleyball Club is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the growth of youth volleyball in the North Texas area. Summit has been very successful over the past 25 years. The organization has qualified over 34 Open, National, American & USA teams for the National Tournament in our storied history, in 7 different age divisions.

Our Purpose
To provide a vehicle for youth female athletes to participate in competitive volleyball, while instilling values of good sportsmanship, cooperation, self-discipline, and confidence.

Our Vision
To become the most relevant and respected club, not only in Dallas-Fort Worth but in the country. Summit seeks to set forth a strategic plan for achieving success based on the core values of our mission statement. We strive to create a model that will be duplicated by other clubs around the country who also wish to provide quality and value to their players and families. We will never lose sight of why we are here.

Programs & Visitation

Volleyball Institute of Plano
• 7 Indoor Volleyball Courts
• Elite Level Volleyball Training 110,000
• Camps 3,000
• Clinics 9,000
• Private Training 3,000
• Youth Volleyball Leagues 15,000
• Volleyball Tournaments 40,000 Total 180,000

Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits

We offer several different sponsorship opportunities
• Website Sponsorship
• Facility Banner Sponsorship
• Tournament Naming Sponsorship
• Team Naming Sponsorship
• Sponsor a Player
• Exclusive Club/Tournament Sponsorship

Summit offers several different opportunities that will enable you to reach your target audience. Sponsorships range from $250 – $20,000 annually.

What your exposure will provide
• Over 250,000 visitors to our facilities each year.
• The leader in Tournament production in the North Texas Area, maximum exposure to elite volleyball athletes in all area clubs.
• Member of the Plano Volleyball Association, North Texas Region of USA Volleyball exposure to the National Governing body of volleyball in the United States.
• Ability to put your documentation in the lobby of our facilities, which is utilized year-round.


With 12,782,885 annual page views on our club website and 18,988,960 views on our tournament pages, our website sponsorships are the best way to get exposure to your customers and direct them to your website to view products and/or services.

We will provide a banner or link on our Club website as well as our tournament website. &
Cost: $750 per year

Court Banners
Court Banners are a great way to have your logo prominently displayed for our patrons not only at tournaments; but also during practices, camps, and clinics.

3’x5’ Court Banner
Cost: $1,100 per year 5’x10’

Court Banner
Cost: $1,700 per year

In addition, Court Banner Sponsor Logos will be included on the Summit website, plus Sponsors may display brochures in our lobby racks. *Additional sizes available. Summit will pay normal banner costs.

Tournament Naming
As the leader in volleyball tournament production in the North Texas area, your company name will be the “face” of the best volleyball tournaments in the area.

Convention Center Events Cost: $2,000 per event
Includes Naming rights on website, tournament shirts and 10’x10’ booth space in the convention center. These events have between 300-500 teams participating.

Non-Convention Center Events Cost: $500-$1000 per event
Includes Naming rights on website and tournament shirts. These events have between 100-500 teams and are conducted at facilities across the metroplex.

Team Naming
This is a great way to engage with a particular team. Your company name will be displayed as the official name of the team in all event registrations. Your company name will be displayed on warm-up shirts and uniforms for the particular team.
Team Naming Sponsorship Cost: $2,000 per team

By sponsoring a player, you can help defray costs for an athlete that may not be in the financial position to be able to participate. Your company name will be displayed on the players’ profile page.
Cost: $250-$3000 per player 

Exclusive Club/Tournament Sponsorships This is an opportunity to sponsor a large group of teams or Tournaments. For a commitment to sponsor multiple teams/events, there will be deep discounts offered.

If you have a product or service that may be beneficial to the club and would like to offer those “in kind” for sponsorships we will look at all offers individually.

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