Summit Hotel Information – UPDATED 11/26/18

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2019 Hotels – 12s UPDATED 11/26/18
2019 Hotels – 13s UPDATED 11/26/18
2019 Hotels – 14s
2019 Hotels – 15s
2019 Hotels – 16s UPDATED 11/26/18
2019 Hotels – 17s
2019 Hotels – 18s
2019 Hotels – Elite & 11 Metro

Elite Teams & 11 Metro : We had an issue with the block of rooms that the housing bureau usually holds for us in Shreveport. The lady that usually took care of that, left her job during the summer before she pulled our block and apparently no one else knew that our block was supposed to be pulled before the hotels went public.  So we are having to deal with being at a different hotel this year.

Thank you for your understanding,

Summit Volleyball Club