Lone Star Classic Spectator Wristband Pre-Ordering Info.

Club Director/Coaches/Staff,
We encourage spectators to take advantage of our wristband pre-sales online. Not only are you saving yourself money, but also avoiding the long lines for those purchasing on-site.
To redeem your wristband(s) you will, go to the “ONLINE PICK-UP” line.
Weekend 1:- Online Pick-Up and On-site purchasing will be available outside the Arena
Weekend 2 & 3- Online Pick-Up and On-site purchasing will be available inside Ballroom C
Please be sure that when you are purchasing your wristbands online that you are purchasing for the correct weekend.
Weekend 1- April 7-9
11s & 12 American
For weekend one, if you are planning to watch a player competing in the 11 Club Division, it would be to your advantage to purchase 2 Daily Wristbands, to save money, rather than a Tournament Wristband, as 11 Club is playing on a 2-day format.
Pre- Sales Available
March 28 (noon) – April 6 (5pm)
Weekend 2- April 14-16
Divisions: 12 National/Select, 13s-14s, 15 American/Club, 18 Pre-National
Pre-sales Available
March 30 (8am) – April 13 (6pm)
Weekend 3- April 20-22
Divisions: 15 Club/Open/Select/USA, 16s-17s, SWBT (boys)
Pre-Sales Available
March 30 (8am) – April 19 (6pm)
Thank you,
Event Staff