Cale Criswell


Cale has over 20 years experience playing competitive Volleyball. He currently holds his Impact Certification and is also USAV Cap level I Certified. He began his love of playing volleyball at backyard events with his parents around 8 years old. He began playing competitive volleyball his junior year of High School in 1992 while attending McKinney High School. Later at University of North Texas he started for the UNT club team for 2 years. Cale also was a starting player for the UNT club team’s trip to the NIRSA 1996 Nationals in Toledo, OH. After college, Cale continued to play A/AA USAV volleyball as a setter for the partially sponsored team “Bling Bling”. After Several years of playing USAV 6’s Mens volleyball, Cale transitioned to mostly playing competitive adult leagues in Indoor mens and coed 4’s and outdoor Sand mens and coed 2’s. Cale currently still plays on average 2 days a week.

Volleyball is such an important part of his life that he married his wife, Coach Ryane Criswell, on a Volleyball court. They had a ceremony on the sand of a beach court at Yucatan, and then after a brief reception they had all of their volleyball friends play in a Beach Coed Doubles Tournament. There were over 20 teams that helped celebrate their marriage through the sport that brought all of them together!

Cale is a new Coach to Nitro Volleyball but this will be his third year coaching top national juniors girls indoor volleyball in the NTR region. Cale also has coached 2 years of Girls Junior National Beach Volleyball. Cale’s coaching philosophy is:  “I strive to create an environment where players will improve their skill set regardless of starting ability. I feel it is my job as a Coach/Teacher to help my players understand the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethics, trust, setting priorities and winning and how these lessons apply to the game of volleyball and life.”