Club Info

Summit Volleyball is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of youth volleyball in the North Texas area.

We pride ourselves on developing everyone in our program. Whether it is the player that desires to be a Division I college player, the player that simply wants to make their school team, or the player that simply loves volleyball. EVERYONE is important to us. Dallas Summit has been very successful over the past 19 years. The organization has qualified teams for the National Tournament inĀ 18 of our 14 9ears and have qualified over 50 teams over that period, in 7 different age divisions.

We offer teams in every “single division” age group from the 12 & under division to the 18 & under division. We have teams that travel throughout the United States as well as local teams that play in the DFW area.

We have our own training facility located in Plano, Texas, just off of 190 and Highway 75.

We reach out to provide the “Club Experience” to those who traditionally are unable to participate. No one should be denied the opportunity to play Club Volleyball. You will find that our fees are lower than other clubs that compete at a similar level.

Although we have been very successful in training kids to “make it to the next level”, Club Volleyball is not for everyone. With our rosters containing 10-11 players it is obvious that each player is not going to be able to play at all times. PLAYING TIME IS NEVER GUARANTEED. Be skeptical of any club that claims that they guarantee playing time. What you are “paying” for in a Club is the weekly training, tournaments are a bonus. If anyone can not acknowledge or accept these facts in ANY Club, there are several other avenues that you can pursue such as the local YMCA, Rec Leagues, etc. to get your required playing time.