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2017 Spring House League

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Experience Sitting Volleyball at Unique Tourney in Tulsa


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Jan. 18, 2017) – On the heels of the U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team capturing gold at the 2016 Paralympic Games, USA Volleyball and Summit Nitro Volleyball are co-hosting a unique cash tournament event to spur the awareness for the fast-paced sitting volleyball game as well as get player participation among both able-bodied and disabled athletes.

As part of a joint venture with Summit Nitro Volleyball, USA Volleyball will host the Tulsa 2-on-2 Narrow Court Sitting Volleyball Cash Tournament in conjunction with the Tulsa Classic Volleyball Tournament, a junior volleyball tournament held on Feb. 25. Cash prizes include $2,000 for first place and a $1,000 prize for second place. Third- and fourth-place finishers earn $500 and $250, respectively. The fifth- and sixth-place teams each receive $150.

In past years, the U.S. National Sitting Volleyball Teams have held a scrimmage during the Tulsa Volleyball Classic. However, U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team Head Coach Bill Hamiter felt a tournament in which athletes other than his own players would help demonstrate the sport better in an interactive way.

“USA Volleyball felt this unique tournament will help promote sitting volleyball and grow the sport in new ways to both disabled and able-bodied athletes alike,” Hamiter said. “While it was great to expose fans to watching our national sitting teams in past years, this tournament allows followers to experience the game firsthand while also having the chance to win some cash prizes. It is a win-win for our sport, and it couldn’t be done without the help of Summit Nitro Volleyball.”

The tournament will be played at the Tulsa Expo Square in the River Spirit Expo on the lower level.

Each team will consist of two players who are 18 years old or older. Team composition can be mixed gender or the same gender and players can be either able-bodied, disabled or mixed. All teams will play at least four matches consisting of one set to 25 points.

Registration fees are $40 per team and both players on the team must have USA Volleyball membership, which can be done on site. This tournament is sanctioned through the Oklahoma Region Volleyball Association. Teams can register online by contacting Summit Nitro Volleyball at

For additional information, contact either Bill Hamiter at or Summit Nitro Volleyball at

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AVC – Results
15 Mizuno – Tournament Champions – 1st Place
16 Mizuno – Tournament Champions – 1st place
14 Mizuno – Tournament Finalist – 2nd Place
17 North – Tournament Finalist – 2nd Place

Texas Fest – Results

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Nike – Results
16 Mizuno – 3rd Place

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Tour of Texas – Results
13 Mizuno – Qualified for Tour of Texas
16 Mizuno – Previously Pre-Qualified

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16 Mizuno – 3rd Place

Unity New Year’s Classic – Results
16 Mizuno – Tournament Champions – 1st Place

Unity Kickoff Classic – Results
15 Mizuno – Tournament Champions – 1st Place
13 Mizuno – Tournament Finalist – 2nd Place
14 Mizuno – 3rd Place

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